What I really like about Europe, it that how compact it is. You just hop into your car and a few hours later you’re in another country (while in Russia you’re still stuck in the traffic jam lol), or, in our case on one fine Friday, in the capital city of Brussels.

I still have mixed feelings about this city. I instantly fell in love with Antwerp, but Brussels, I don’t understand it. 

There are, however, some nice places and neighbourhoods that I really like, so we decided to spend our Friday night wandering around, enjoying the sunset and occasionally checking our phones for the updates of Belgium vs. Brazil football game.

a date in brussels
a date in brussels belgium

Here’s what I wore:

Dress: Climona 

Shoes: I Love Shapes

Earrings: Veritas

Bag: Mango 

Watch: Cluse 

Sunnies: Gucci 

a date in brussels belgium
a date in brussels belgium
a date in brussels belgium