You guys know that I LOVE Italy. It’s one of the top destinations for travellers all over the world, and of all kinds. Not only does it offer some of the best romantic getaway opportunities, but it can also be a fantastic place to spend some time alone, or even together with your family or friends. What’s more, it is more varied than many people think. It has so much to offer that there are just so many ways to see it and so many things you can do. One area in particular which you might not have heard of, but which is becoming more and more popular over time for many good reasons, is Lake Como, or in Italian, Lago di Como. This beautiful area in the far North of Italy is full of wonderful surprises. Let’s take a look at some of the great reasons you might want to visit Lake Como this year.

Gentle Cruising

Of course, one of the best reasons you might want to go to any wonderful and beautiful lake is to take some kind of a cruise around it. You can indeed take a boat tour on Lake Como, and doing so is bound to be a particularly great way of spending your holiday in Italy. You can expect some beautiful sights and a peaceful, gentle cruise around the lake, which is surprisingly vast in its size and with plenty to therefore explore. If you are thinking of having some kind of a calm, easygoing getaway, then cruising around on Lake Como could just be the best way to do that this year. But make sure you book such a tour in advance, as it is bound to be especially popular through the year.

Boat, Food & Villas Tour

Departs: Tue, Thu, Sat, Sun , 10 a.m. 
Duration: 8  hours
Minimum number: 2 adults
Price: Adult Euro 225-Youth (4-12) Euro 115-Child (0-3) Euro 25

Tel.: tel: +39 349 5600603

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Spiritual Calm

For many, a destination such as this also offers the chance to feel spiritually calm, and that is something else that you might seek to get from it. You will probably feel that way just by being there and taking in the beautiful surroundings, but it’s also perfectly likely that you will want to solidify and explore those feelings further by taking a look at some of the lake’s wonderful churches. There are many of these dotted around, as there are in all of Italy, and you should find that they are a wonderful addition to your trip if you want to see some beautiful architecture at the same time as feeling spiritually calm.

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Peaceful Eating

When it comes to food, you have to agree that this is one of the most vital parts of any holiday abroad, and thankfully Lake Como has plenty to offer here as well. There are a number of fantastic restaurants, offering a huge range of delicious and sumptuous food, and you will find that you can spend many hours at any of these, grazing peacefully over the lake and savouring every mouthful of both the food and the amazing views. When it comes to peaceful eating, there are few places more likely to be able to offer that to you than the stunning Lake Como.

Have you guys been to Lake Como? What else should I do and see there?