Image credit:  HelloFresh Belgium

Image credit: HelloFresh Belgium


As busy as we are, my husband Rabin and I have been on and off this meal-planning game for a while now, and, well, failed at it miserably. That’s why we decided to try Hello Fresh, a meal kit delivery service, to make our lives easier while still enjoying delicious food. We took advantage of a 50% off offer for our very first week – and if you decide to try it for yourself, you can use our referral codes for €25 each: RABNUC and MARSKAL.

What is Hello Fresh

What if you didn’t have to do the groceries or spend time planning your meals for the week ahead and could still enjoy nutritious and yummy foods every day? What if all ingredients for all your recipes arrived all together right to your doorstep? Well, that’s exactly what Hello Fresh is about!

How does it work

First things first, you have to create your profile on their Website. From there, you get to choose your box/plan. Here’s the types of boxes they offer:

  • Fruit;

  • Breakfast;

  • Wine;

  • Veggie;

  • Original;

  • Quick&easy (all recipes can be done within 20 minutes);

  • Family box (more kids-friendly recipes).

Image credit:  HelloFresh Belgium

Image credit: HelloFresh Belgium

You can also choose the number of people that will be eating, and how many time a week you would like to receive a Hello Fresh box. Once you’ve chosen the meals and placed your order, you will receive a link for tracking, so you can actually see when exactly your box will arrive. If you’re not home, you can ask the courier to leave the box at your doorstep or drop it at your neighbour’s for example.

Everything is conveniently packed, and each recipe gets its individual bag. Each package each meal has almost everything you need for cooking a great meal, all in one place. All recipes are also there, printed out with all the instructions and even photos to make it even easier. If something happens to your printouts, you can also find the recipes right on the website. It’s a real life saver for me: the recipes that come together with our boxes are written in Dutch, and I can’t understand 80% of the instructions. Luckily, you can download the English version in PDF.

NB! Hello Fresh works on subscription model, so if you don’t want to receive your next box, make sure to cancel the service before it’s too late.

Our experience

When we finally decided to give it a shot, we ordered the Original box for 2 people and for 5 meals. The box arrived on a Saturday morning, and guys, it was big. Like, BIG. There was plenty of food, everything was packaged according to the recipes, as promised. I just took out the recipe cards and popped everything into the fridge all together.

There are some things that were not included though: butter, oils and vinegars, etc. For the majority of recipes we chose, we needed some stock. Luckily, I had veggie and beef stock cubes at home. It’s totally fine if you don’t some of the ingredients at home, but of course it will make an impact on the final taste of the dishes you make.

Image credit:  HelloFresh Belgium

Image credit: HelloFresh Belgium


All the meals were super easy to make and they didn’t take much time either. Start to finish, each meal too no longer than 45 minutes including the time of me trying to read the recipes in Dutch before switching to the guidelines in English🤪

Everything was super delicious except for one meal. It was not bad, it was too home-cooking-like (just a basic chicken breast with roasted potatoes and pumpkin seeds), and by the time we cooked that meal we’ve already gotten used to cooking something on a fancier side.

Our favourite recipe so far

We spent a week if not more trying to decide which recipe we liked most. This one surely made it to our TOP-3 list:


With pumpkin seed salsa and spicy naan bread

Image credit:  HelloFresh Belgium

Image credit: HelloFresh Belgium


Beautiful, right? Zesty, coconut-y and fresh - it was SO.GOOD. Here’s a recipe for you in English:


To sum up


  • Great for busy families that also such at meal planning and prepping;

  • It’s quick and easy;

  • Cheaper than eating out;

  • Depends on how much you eat, but we always had some leftovers that we packed for lunch later. Win!;

  • You’re learning new cooking techniques (and in my case, new words😜;

  • There’s quite a lot of veggies in each recipe;

  • They offer recipes from all over the world allowing you to learn more about different cultures through yummy food;

  • Saves you time cooking and browsing Pinterest boards in search for a recipe;

  • You can still use their recipes even if you don’t order the boxes.


  • You can’t order a box for only 1 person. Not sure how much of a con this is because you’ll just end up having more food for yourself;

  • More expensive than doing groceries;

  • Some things are not included in the boxes. You can check the recipes beforehand and stack up on butter, vinegars and some spices. And for some recipes you’ll need an oven;

  • If you are a heavy animal protein eater, there’s not a lot of it. For example, for two people one of which is a big guy, we got one chicken breast sliced in half. While I’m ok with having 100-120 grams of uncooked protein, it was definitely not enough for Rabin;

  • Not great for specific dietary restrictions, although they’re upfront about allergens and nutrition information

  • Not ideal for picky eaters.

All in all, it’s been great and delicious three weeks together with Hello Fresh (Belgium). We definitely enjoyed the service and the meals but decided to stop our subscription for a while since I started working from home again and have more time for shopping and cooking. We’ll still browse through the recipes, and if we find a specific week very exciting from the foods choice standpoint, we will place an order.

If you want to give it a shot too, you can use our referral codes for €25 each: RABNUC and MARSKAL.

Bon Appetit!

P.S. I just realised that I’ve also accidentally registered for the US version of Hello Fresh hahaha! Here’s my discount link if you want to try the service from the US🤪

Pro tip: you can give your empty big box to the courier the next time he delivers a new box to you. This way you won’t have to deal with recycling, and you’ll free up so much space in your apartment!