So here we are, in the very end of the first month of 2019. It’s surreal how fast the days go by, and that’s why I find it super important to appreciate each and every moment. No matter what happens to you, it is necessary to remember that there are always good things in life, and we should not allow the dark moments overweight the fun and exciting ones. January has been intense: so many important things happened during these 31 days, and they left me in a pretty exhausted state. But all in all, it has been kind to me.

My highlights of the month

good things list january списк хорошего январь что произошло в январе
good things list january списк хорошего январь что произошло в январе

New Year celebrations

We celebrated our first New Year as a married couple! We didn’t plan anything fancy, just a dinner at home with champagne, home-made dinner and changing from usual loungewear to a dress and a shirt+jeans. All the fun began when my parents called us on Skype: Moscow is two hours ahead of Antwerp, so we actually got to greet 2019 in two different timezones. Over the video chat, we watched traditional Soviet NY movies, modern days TV shows and, of course, the President’s speech. On the countdown, we all clinked our champagne glasses with webcams, yelled “S Novym Godom!” at each other and… got so lost in the conversation that we actually missed the countdown here in Belgium😂

We spent the rest of the night trying to calm Nicky down: poor baby was too scared of the fireworks💔, but apart from it, everything else went well.

Parents’ visit

My parents finally made it to Belgium! As I myself can’t travel yet, them coming here was a pure blessing. We spent 8 days together, two of which we were so sick we could only meet for dinner or talk on the phone. It turned out that together with my favourite chocolate glazed cottage cheese bars and cucumbers (cukes are terrible here in Belgium, they taste like cardboard), Mum also brought over a severe virus that kicked all of us down.

When we finally felt better, we took Mum and Dad to Brussels, Brugge and the North Sea. It was so good to see them again! We parted in September and only skyped since then. While technology helps a lot, physical contact is still priceless.

The Documents

I have finally received my temporary documents y’all! My visa has expired in the beginning of November and we’ve been waiting for an interview in the town hall ever since.

At the town hall, a very tired and perfectly round Moroccan guy simply asked for a document after document, handed me my card and said good-byes. What card, you ask? It is a so-called orange card/attest van immatriculatie, my temporary document here in Belgium. I'm not a HOBO anymore, I haz documents!😂I will have this little thing for 6 months during which they will check whether we're real or not. We are, so I'm sure I'm getting my Belgian ID in July 😎

Back to school

As a newcomer and as someone who’s married to a Belgian citizen, I am obliged to take a course in social orientation and learn the language. Antwerp, a city where we live in, is located in Flanders, a Dutch-speaking part of Belgium. So yeah, I’m learning Dutch now, Flemish to be more exact. It’s fun! I’ve never been taught in the language from zero, there has always been a Russian or English speaking teacher beside me who’d explain everything and help.

Our group consists of 25 people from all over the world. Never thought I’d be having a conversation with someone from Burundi and Somalia!😍 I do hope that over the time, we’d all stop being scared of each other, will feel comfortable and eventually become friends🤗


One of the things I miss most about living in Moscow is having 4 distinct seasons. I kind of feel that here in Belgium there are only two of them and both involve heavy rains. You guys should’ve seen my happy face and hear me squeal when it suddenly started snowing on one fine Tuesday😍

I got so happy that I even played an imitation of a snowball fight with a tree…. Yeah. And if I weren’t wearing a skirt on that day, I’d probably fall on the ground to make snow angels.

I’m weird, you say? Nope, I’m just trying to enjoy the life to its fullest.

Hope that you guys too had a great month, and here’s to a fantastic February!