And we’re done with winter!

The last week of February was just magical here in Belgium. We were blessed with almost 20 degrees, sunny blue skies, birds singing non-stop and flowers about to bloom. It was beautiful. Now that we’re already three days into March, and the weather’s changed to something more appropriate for the season, let’s reflect on the last month of winter’19 and see what happened to me during those days.

New job

Yup, I did it. I quit working as the Head of Communications at a Brussels-based micro-influencer agency. I’ve been planning to do it in the middle of December and we even had the talk, but for some reason I stayed there for two more months. Slowly but steadily I was losing motivation to work for the agency and workload at school made it almost impossible to dedicate quality time to them, my other projects (important: they were paid), blog, family, my self and household.

I quit a week before the big workshop we were preparing, I just couldn’t take it anymore. Besides, I already got an offer starting immediately. I’m working remotely in a Russian startup now. It is an online school for biohacking and anti-aging for women of all ages. I myself have been their student for a while now and simply couldn’t miss a chance to help them out. I love it here. And hey, I just received my very first payout while attaching pictures to this post.


More school & new friends

My social orientation classes have finally begun. It is compulsory for me to attend at least 8 out of 10 lectures, and we’re already half way through. These classes were introduces by the government of Flanders, the region of Belgium where I live. Here in Flanders a newcomer has to get a social orientation completion certificate, while in Brussels or Wallonia it is not necessary but you can still do it if you want.

Here’s what topics these courses cover: history, geography and political system here in Belgium, education, professional life, finance and taxes, social institutions, transportation and waste recycling, healthcare, LGBT, etc.

While it’s all fun and important, I don’t enjoy the classes and I do feel that I’m wasting my time. My classmates are very lovely though. Hope that we’ll be friends and help each other put when in need — we’re all in (almost) the same situation here after all.

Wooden bikes!

And now to the fun part. I’ve been contacted by a Greek company that has opened a rep office here in Antwerp for… wooden bikes. Yup, no mistake. Cocomat bikes are hand made from oak. It takes one week to make one of these beauties, and what’s the coolest about them is that each and every bike is unique because of the different wood patterns. Each bike weights around 15 kilos, and it gets SO MUCH attention, that whoever rides it is gonna be a star of the day.

These guys also offer bike tours around the city and longer rides from Antwerp to Mechelen and back. I wish I could join them when I sort my life out at least a bit hahaha!

You can find them here at Hopland 65 and on Instagram:


Crazy weather

As mentioned above, we’ve been truly blessed with around two weeks of magnificent weather. My Russian brain and soul couldn’t comprehend how is it possible to wear a light leather jacket and sneakers and have absolutely zero snow in the very end of the worst winter month. It was so exciting to wake up every morning and hear the birds singing, count the yellow, white and purple crocus flowers in my neighbour’s garden, wait for the magnolia tree down the street to bloom and arrange tulip bouquets on our dining table🌸

All in all, I am so relieved that this long period of winter is finally over and my favourite part of the year is coming. I do hope that your month was great too and I wish you a coolest March ahead! Enjoy it as much as you can no matter what.