Wanted to begin this post with “Can you believe it’s my last Good Things List of the year? Me neither!” but realised it’s only my second one this year. And, well, the last one. However, I do hope that I will do much better next year and sharing my monthly list of Good Things with you will become yet another enjoyable habit of mine.

But for now, let’s dive in.

So here’s what happened to me during December 2018:

christmas market markets europe belgium best most beautiful xmas happy new year holidays winter antwerp anwerpen рождественский рынок ярмарка новый год в европе


Big news for starters. I have been promoted to Head of Communications y’all! It is so exciting! It is all unofficial yet but we’ll fix everything on paper as soon as I get my documents. The only bad thing about it is that I give almost all my resources and creative juices to my job leaving myself with zero inspiration to create content for my blog and Instagram. I have yet to deal with it somehow;


We have conducted a bomb of a workshop in mid-December. The startup where I work now, Efluenz, decided do educate local bloggers and influencers on major trends in social media; we also discussed Instagram algorithm and how to beat it, and then I did my interactive performance on basics of mobile photography and the importance of copywriting. We god such a positive feedback, it’s unbelievable! Thank you all so much for coming❤️

Instagram coaching

Last one related to job topic, I promise. So yeah, I got myself yet another side project which is Instagram coaching and account administration. One of the accounts I manage hit 1000 followers just recently, and the other one is slowly developing its very own Insta-image. The following game will be hard to play since the business of this company lies in the field of SaaS. But we’ll make it, I’m feeling confident;

Christmas markets

December was all about finding festive mood and decorating the house for the holidays. A lot of Christmas markets opened up here in Belgium and I tried to visit as many as I could. Surprisingly enough, the one in Antwerp was so badly done… The one in Brugge though! Boy, was it pretty! And the smell of mulled wine, sausages, fresh waffles and cheese….I can go on and on, somebody stop me!

christmas market markets europe belgium best most beautiful xmas happy new year holidays winter antwerp anwerpen рождественский рынок ярмарка новый год в европе

New friends

I love it how Instagram brings people together! You know that I prefer to write longer captions there. They help me to connect more with my audience, and some of my readers have become my close friends — even though we’ve never met and talk only in comments or DMs. With the others though, we do meet occasionally. Like, at first you read something that you can relate to, leave a comment and the next thing you know is that you’re already sitting right next with them, sipping coffee and discussing everything and anything. God bless social media and blogging platforms, ha-ha!


In the very beginning of December, Rabin went to Helsinki to attend an event called Slush leaving me all alone in the house for almost four days. Before he left, I didn’t even realise how much I needed some me-time. As I mentioned earlier, we live in a loft, and there are almost no walls in our apartment, so it makes it almost impossible to spend some time behind the closed doors. The only doors that we have are the main one, and those that lead to storage, bathroom and walk in wardrobe-kinda room. Not so fancy for wanting to be alone, right? Oh those precious four days of not sharing my time with anybody else…🙄❤️. And [scary] face masks, of course!

Way out

Way out of my rut that is! You guys remember my highly emotional post “Life in Antwerp: 3 months update”? I have a feeling that my sad and self-destructive thoughts are gone, and they’ve left me with a rather zen state of mind. I no longer hate everything around me and want to curl myself into a ball somewhere in a dark room and weep non-stop. I can’t say that Belgium has started growing in on me and I started to feel more comfortable but something’s definitely changed inside of me. Things that helped? Long journaling sessions and 5-HTP supplements💊

Dinners at home

Recently, we’ve started this tradition of having rather fancy at-home dinners on Sunday nights. We cook together, drink wine, ditch the phones (super important!) and spend some quality time together. No matter sun or rain, Sunday night is our night.

Holidays season helped a lot too. Even though we don’t celebrate Christmas (here’s why), nothing could stop us from spending yet another evening cooking together, enjoying our foods and wine, me trying a traditional Christmas dessert Kerststronk or la bûche de Noël for the first time, and watching movies while cuddling with our dog.❤️

December’s been rather kind to me. My mental state improved significantly, I did super well at work, and we even did get a tiny baby bit of snow! Well, it was hail, who am I kidding. But still! ‘Twas a good month which I spent rather mindfully. It gave me some extra inner strength, motivation and inspiration, and I can’t be any more thankful for that.

How did your December go? Please share your highlights of the month in the comments down below ^^

Oh, and most importantly:

Happy New Year!