Hi guys! I would like to start by saying thank you for all your wonderful Birthday wishes! Words can't describe how much they mean to me! This is my first birthday we celebrate together, so thank you so much again for being so sweet, kind and supportive!

birthday 10 random facts about me birthday girl

Today, I wanted to do something different. I thought it’d be nice to introduce myself properly and share some things that you might not know about me!

  1. I was born on a sunny Friday, June 21st, 1991 at 5:25 PM, half paralyzed. My left arm and leg were not moving, and doctors told my Mum I’d never be able to walk or maybe even sit. They should see me crushing 10k obstacle race at Reebok’s festivals! I need to be fair though, sometimes it is still difficult for me to perform some actions with my left arm.

  2. Despite №1, I am originally a leftie, lol. However, my parents forced me to use my right hand as much as possible. Things that I do with my left hand better than with right? Play snooker and shoot. Yup

  3. I’m a lone wolf and don’t have many friends.  The ones I have, I can count them on one hand. So big love to my girls! Love you! I’d love to have a lot of friends though, sometimes I even miss having parties at home and chatting non-stop at my kitchen — although I’ve never really done it (…yeah, I know). Please fren me!

  4. I have a degree in Oriental Studies, mainly focusing on China. I speak Mandarin Chinese and understand a tiny bit of Cantonese and Hakka. I can count, say “I love you” and order bubble tea in Canto. I studied at a university in Beijing and worked in Hong Kong for 4 months. 

  5. I’m really interested in medicine and all the processes in human bodies but I always knew I’d never be accepted by a med school. If I were accepted, I’d become a surgeon or oncologist o_O

  6. I do not eat seafood. No fish, no shrimps, and all that stuff. Yup, and that one thing you’re about to ask too. I just don’t like how it smells and how it tastes. And yes I’ve tried everything, it’s still blah to me. Gimme meat!

  7. I’m one of those people:

birthday birthday girl it's a girl random facts you didn't know about me zengmarie

I hit my record of 40k steps in Tokyo this November 

8. I don’t have any tattoos and not planning to get one (but I like them on other people), but I sketched a tat for my old friend. He has an eye peaking from his chest =\ I’ve pierced my tongue when I was 13 or 14 and I still wear it.

9. I was obsessed with football during my school days. We’d watch all games and discuss them afterward, we’d read all magazines and collect photos and information about our favorite players, and I and my friend Polina (aka Polabur) used to own an online community dedicated to CSKA Moscow and Russia national team’s goalkeeper, Igor Akinfeev.

10. It might be hard to believe based on my sweet looks (I’m a beauty queen y’all! (Admit it, at least on my birthday)) but I’m actually a huge methead. I can’t help it, I just love myself some loud, heavy and dark music. I grew up on classic rock, then transitioned to J-rock (with a touch of K-pop, ah good old times) and then to folk and pagan metal. We were actually supposed to spend my birthday weekend at GRASPOP Metal Meeting in Dessel, Belgium but something went wrong xD

birthday girl it's a girl birthday random facts about me zengmarie


*If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below. But make sure you also leave a random fact about yourself! :D


Photography by Rabin