Hi guys!

It’s been so long since I’ve last updated my blog… I feel that I owe you at least a little roundup of that’s been happening.

Shall we?

I got married!

Hawaian Sand ceremony

Hawaian Sand ceremony

Here’s a fun story about how we met:



It’s true though…

Some of you might know that I used to study in China, Beijing. It was a glorious year of 2011 and I was supposed to spend two full semesters hitting Chinese books. Everyone from my course was a member of a big Facebook group where we’d share our previous experiences, expectations, ask questions, look for roommates, etc. This is where I met my future husband.

We moved to Facebook Messenger for further and more private discussions. And then we just met in all-students’ Mecca or Wudaokou, café La Bamba.

The weirdest thing is that there’s no evidence of us exchanging emails or phone numbers to schedule our meeting. I stayed in a dorm, he rented an apartment outside the University campus, and we both studied at different levels. So, it was quite impossible for us to just bump into each other and decide to meet there and then.

We spent an enjoyable few hours together at the café. For some reason, we did not talk afterwards, even though we both liked each other…

Flash-forward to five years later, and he just slided into my messages with Hi’s and How-you-doin’s. After that, it all began to progress really fast:

End of June’16: First contact in 5 years;

October: He drives all the way from Brussels to Dusseldorf where I’m on a business trip. There’s no guarantee of a successful outcome of the operation at all, but I manage to take a couple hours out of my schedule for a quick dinner and a walk at Düsseldorfer Rheinuferpromenade.

November: We meet twice, both times he gets me tickets and flies me over to Belgium. We have The Talk and decide to give this long-distance relationship a try;

December: We meet again in Brussels and fly to Moscow together for New Year’s celebrations;

January-April’17: we both fly back and forth, having dates all around the globe.

May: he moves to Moscow;

Late February’18: it’s a Yes!;

March: He moves back to Belgium;

June-July: I spend a whole month there;

July, 20th: we say our “I do’s”!


We actually decided to split our wedding into two days: official part and the evening only for the two of us on Friday, followed by a little party of just 20 people on Sunday.

Here are some photos!


Photography by: Margarita Serova

Dress: I’ll add a link when I find it LOL

MUAH: Katya Gureeva

Rings: Carat Antwerp

Flowers and decor: Natalia Lapina

Cake: 23 Cupcake

Venue: Ermak restaurant

I moved to Antwerp, Belgium!

KAAI Antwerp antwerpen flanders belgium

To be honest, I’ve always wanted to try out this European lifestyle but could never imagine it would happen though marriage, haha!

My Yorkie, Nicky, and I moved here for an epic family reunion in the beginning of September. Boy, was it stressful! I have yet to deal with all the documents and registrations though. I will keep you posted :)

So, our little family is now based in a lovely neighbourhood in the Southern part of Antwerp. It is quiet and green, and it takes only half an hour by tram to get to the city center, I prefer walking, though. Why burn cash when you can burn extra calories, right? :D We are so not sure how long we will be staying in the heart of Europe. There is actually a big chance that we will move countries, but as of now it’s only a vague plan. We’ll see how it goes.

botanical garden Antwerp antwerpen flanders belgium
port of Antwerp antwerpen flanders belgium zaha hadid niew havenhuis

As I am currently unemployed (and wow, I’m actually enjoying it! My panic over finances has vanished and let me with a rather zen state of mind <3), I am planning to go full-time on my blog. I will focus more on zengmarie.com and on my instagram page. Hopefully, it will help me find new friends, opportunities for growth and also let me practice more on my copywriting. I just finished another online course and realised that I actually liked writing! In Russian though, haha… English is not my native language and I still have difficulties with grammar sometimes. Who knows, maybe blogging will also help me up my grammar and vocabulary game. Fingers crossed!