swiss switzerland blue lake blausee interlaken

Oh Switzerland, the country of my dreams. Once I saw pictures of the magical nature of the Swiss lands, I couldn’t spend a day without wanting to go there and experience everything by myself. Walk down those little paths digging my toes into the fresh green grass. Filling my lungs with crisp mountain air. Eating the magnificent scenery with my eyes and absorbing it with my soul. In the beginning of Fall, Rabin and I booked a couple night stay in a small hotel in Swiss Alps on our way back home from Austria. Because well, it’s healthy to fulfil you wife’s dreams. You know.😼

Crystal-clear lake hidden between the mountains and shining under the sun in all shades of blue, green and turquoise, Blausee has been on top of my Swiss must-see list for a while. I hope that after this post, it will make it to your list too!

Blausee, the Blue Lake

The lake was created by a landslide more than 15000 years ago. The mineral-rich crystal clear water of the lake also feeds the trout farm. The Blausee is known for its outstanding quality of the fish and even has its own hatchery.

swiss switzerland blue lake blausee interlaken

The Legend

swiss switzerland blue lake blausee interlaken

An old Swiss legend tells of a girl that died in this area from a broken heart. Her lover, a Shepherd, with whom she loved to ride a boat on the lake, fell off a cliff. Day after day, she returned to the place where they would meet and cried, cried, cried. Her poor soul could not take it any more, and one morning her parents found her at the bottom of the lake. On that day, the water in the lake changed its color, becoming azure-blue, just like the eyes of that girl.

Blausee is a magical place. The only thing I regret a little is that we did not go there in the mid-late of October instead of September. When golden autumn comes, everything around becomes even more fairy-tale-like. Just imagine: the leaves on the trees are painted in all colours from pale yellow to purple. And this incredible burning-gold madness is highlighted by the waters of the lake Blau which reflects the eyes of the one that loved so deeply.

What to see and do

swiss switzerland blue lake blausee interlaken

Once you arrive and pass the gift shop where you can also buy entrance ticket, you will find yourself in the Blausee Nature Park and 20 hectares of magnificent Alpine scenery. You can find here a glass-bottom boat ride around the lake, romantic walkways and picnic areas with fireplaces, kids playground (moms don’t worry, the paths are also stroller-friendly), little Blausee museum and, as I mentioned earlier, a trout farm. The park itself is very photogenic and this is why we opted for a short hike instead. Make sure to charge your cameras beforehand, I promise you’d want to keep the photos from Blausee forever!

Where to eat and sleep

There is a 3-star hotel with 17 rooms right in the park. It has a SPA center too! Here’s my referral link for you to enjoy a little discount on your booking😘 There is also a restaurant and a pizzeria on the facility, and you can also order a picnic basket from the hotel crew (from 39 CHF per person + 50 CHF deposit; service available April-October) or bring your own food and enjoy it fresh or grilled at designated picnic spots in the nature park. Or buy organic trout from the farm. Or ice-cream and some basic snacks from the gift shop at the entrance. There’s plenty of options, you won’t feel hungry at all. Mainly because the scenery around nourishes your soul and cells so much you won’t even think about food!

How to get to Blausee

In 1885 Blausee was praised in a travel guide as a "jewel of a landscape immersed in magical forest solitude". These days this area is really accessible.

  • Car: we drove there all the way from Gstaad, GPS: 46°32'02.0"N 7°40'02.0"E

  • Bus: From wherever you are –> Interlaken –> Kandersteg –> Lake Blausee. Schedule here.



Blausee, 3717, Kandergrund, Switzerland (GPS: 46°32'02.0"N 7°40'02.0"E)

OPENING HOURS: Year-round, 9AM- 9PM


16.11 to 15.3: adult 5 CHF, 6 to 15 y.o: 2 CHF, children up to 5 y.o enter for free. Free entrance from 5PM

28.3 to 15.11: adult 8 CHF, 6 to 15 y.o: 4 CHF, children up to 5 y.o enter for free. Reduced entry fees from 5PM (adults 5 CHF, children 2 CHF)


+41 33 672 33 33